Parity Education & Careers Ltd

Parity Education and Careers Ltd was set up in response to the needs of children and young people. We provide specialist educational support services for children and young people, particularly those who are vulnerable, including children with additional learning needs and EHCP. Our person-centred work covers mainly four areas:

Educational Support
Mentoring and Therapeutic Input
Social Inclusion Work
Careers Guidance and Employability Advice


    Parity Education is very effective with SEND students, hard to engage lower-attaining and students who present challenging behaviour. They are generous with their time and are willing to support students to overcome their difficulties and focus on achieving their full potential.
    I had eight blocked tuition sessions with Parity Education as I had a long absence from school due to illness. The tutor was patient and responsive to my needs during each session. My confidence improved and I was able to close the gaps in my schoolwork.

    From a totally inclusive perspective Parity Education sets themselves apart from other organisations in this field due to their ability to listen attentively and provide practical, actionable advice.

    I highly recommend Parity Education to anyone seeking professional career guidance for young people aged 14-19. Their commitment to helping students succeed is unquestionable. I am confident you will find this a rewarding experience.

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